How to Use ASUS Backup On Zenfone

ASUS Backup is the simple, powerful and beautiful backup-and-restore tool that ensures all your stuff stays safe and secure! Just a few taps is all that’s required to back up the data stored in the brilliant ASUS ZenUI apps, including ZenUI Do It later, ZenUI Contacts and ZenUI Messaging. ASUS Backup also lets you create an archive of your emails settings, call logs, apps, app data and much more!

Key features

  • Easily back up or restore the unique ASUS ZenUI apps, including ZenUI Launcher, ZenUI Do it Later, ZenUI Contacts and ZenUI Messaging.
  • Save or restore call logs and all your personal settings, including weather location, alarms, browser preferences and more.
  • Capture copies of favorite apps and app data, including Angry bird, ZenUI SuperNote and so on.

How to Use ASUS Backup On Zenfone

  1. Open the ASUS Backup application
  2. Checklist “I have and agree” and press OK
  3. Select “All Data” or menu you want to backup
  4. Choose more detail ‘ZenUI Settings and Data’ or ‘Installed Apps’ you want to backup, then press Start backup.
  5. Name the ‘backup file’ to your liking, and then press OK
  6. Enter the password that you can remember
  7. Checklist “Do not show this massage again” and then press  OK
  8. Wait until backup process is complet
  9. Backup complated

ASUS Backup is currently compatible only with ASUS ZenFone devices. You will need an SD card to proceed with the backup process.

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